Our services

At Termoidraulica DUE-A, we have been putting our expertise at your disposal, offering a wide range of services, for over twenty years.

Civil and industrial thermo-hydraulic systems

We install civil and industrial heating and plumbing systems for accommodation facilities such as farms, wellness centres, restaurants, shops, private medical clinics and schools.
For each customer, we are able to find the most suitable and efficient solution.

Solar thermal systems

Saving money and respecting the environment at the same time: with a solar thermal system, you can. An intelligent solution that allows you to reduce the cost of hot water and heating, an investment incentivized by the State with tax deductions and benefits, as well as an added value to your property.

Hydric reserves and water treatment

For those buildings not served by aqueducts, we install water treatment plants, as well as wells and underground tanks for the collection of rainwater.

Fire systems

In line with current requirement and regulations, we install water fire-extinguishing systems, and we also offer maintenance and repair services.

Irrigation systems

We install underground irrigation systems for private and residential green areas. Thanks to our expertise in the field of water collection systems, we can offer you a complete service, suitable for everyone’s needs.

Biomass plants

Stoves, thermic chimneys and boilers: based on what you need, we can advise you about what is the best solution for you. Do you want to replace your old biomass or diesel plant? Get in touch to hear about the “Conto Termico“ incentives.

Always by your side


From the selection of preferred products to installation, without forgetting maintenance and after-sales assistance. A full service, to satisfy each one of our customer.

Turn-key solutions

Tell us your idea: we will make it a reality!

By your side, without intermediaries, from the installation of the plant to the design and implementation of the project.


Customer satisfaction at the center of our work